goofy fun

I sat in a church basement on a Friday night.  It was great fun.

Minnehaha UMC (my husband’s church) was offering an evening of one-act plays and dinner.  It was a fundraiser for their UMW.  There were some 150 or so people there, happily drinking bad church coffee (no offense…), chowing down on lasagna and key lime pie, and loving being church.

Richfield used to do lots of theatre.  It was a big deal.  What I am thinking is that the time for such things is ripe.  We have lots of talented kids and adults, space that is perfectly set up for performances, and a wildly appreciative congregation.

The plays last night were pure goof.  That was the fun of it.  The actors were clearly having a great time, the audience behind them, and the pure gift of being in a place where real unplugged people were sharing their gifts for other real people was pure power.

Who’s in?  I say we do a night of dinner theatre.  No big deal.  Just a director, a crew of willing thespians, some dinner makers, and a great evening for being church.

Anyone interested?  This soprano has a theatre itch that needs scratching.  And, this pastor thinks we have a church hungry for fun, food, and goofiness to support a powerful cause.

Let me know…

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