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The truth is, until we have taken the time to discover and affirm who we really are and what we really want, we are left with only negative identities and negative passion…We are comfortable with rebelling, but fearful of creating. Laurence Boldt

I get a treat delivered to my email box each morning.  It’s a piece titled “Inward/Outward”.  Each day brings a brief quote and reflection.

This morning’s has to do with rebelling or creating.  It’s a glass half full/empty issue.  If we spend our days ungrounded in what it is we want and believe in, we are discontent with near everything.  It will never be enough, since we measure “enough” through the lens of discontent and a sense that something or someone ought fill the space inside that awaits our reflection and vision filling.

I think it is so.  What we’re trying to do at church is provide small groups and study circles with folk who want to make choices about how it is they will organize their lives.  We’re hoping and believing that if life is grounded on the teachings of Jesus, an unfolding into grace and grounding will emerge.

Through gathering at table and opening ourselves to each other and the teachings of our faith, we move into the power of discovering and affirming who we really are.  And we increasingly find supports to choose to live from a place of power and possibility shaped by the who-we-really-are of Jesus living.

Our church is alive and moving into a deeper place of Spirit life.  This new life is amazing grace.

My prayer is that we can evolve into the sort of Body that knows and affirms its identity and in so doing shares it lavishly with creation.  My prayer is that we can invite into communities of small groups the “half-fulls” who will join us in knowing the power of the God who calls us each by name.

The time for creating is now.

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