church buzz

Today was flat out fun.

I got to go in and see the Sunday bulletin and Annual Report go to press.  I got to preview slides used for worship and rehearse in my heart the rhythm of praise that will be shared by hundreds in two day’s time.

I got to have lunch with my daughter.

I got to have time at a coffee shop to read and think a bit.

I got to have coffee with a young adult who is a cauldron of ideas for our ministry and saints-be-praised has the follow-through capacity it takes to make things happen.

I got to visit a church member and wrap her in a prayer shawl made by the hands of her sisters in Christ.

I got to come home and hug my beloved before he left for a weekend church retreat.

I got to write a sermon I am excited to preach.

And now?  Now, I get to choose from the stack of books awaiting my reading or the dog who is always ready for attention.  In short, I get to while away these crazy rare unclaimed hours in any way I choose.

It’s been a great day to be in the midst of the buzz that is church and life.

And oh, what a gift to have the time to savor it.

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