I have spent most of the morning listening to insipid recordings on automated phone machines.  I would scream, but no one would hear me!

It feels dehumanizing.  Clearly, I wouldn’t be making calls if I didn’t need to speak with the party I am calling.  Jumping through the “press one” hoops is like entering a maze.  Desperately you hope for resolution, but the possibility that you will be wandering for hours in the world of transfers, accidental hang-ups and dead ends is real.

There ought be a special prayer for those who have to summon the courage to get service.  Whispered with fervor, maybe the prayer would have much to do with patience granted, robotic sensibilities keen, answers, and – dare we ask for miracles?? – a HUMAN voice on the other end of the line.

God grant me the serenity…………….

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