organ transplant

We are blessed with the gift of a new organ – of the pipe variety – at church.

And oh, it is a marvelous and challenging thing, this new life.  It would seem easy to pluck out the old, install the new, and all is swell and good.

But wait!  Putting a new organ in an old body is never a breeze.  The body is used to compensating for the less-than-functioning and even if it is not optimal, the old organ is known.  Things clank along and the systems work in their hampered and known way.

Well, with a new organ, adaptations have to be made in its body space.  In order for the organ to sing with its full gusto, flooring and space and lighting and sound issues have to be addressed.  It would be flat-out goofy to put a new organ in “diseased tissue” surroundings and expect it to fully function.

So a team of health professionals is at work in our church.  We are meeting and praying and visioning and truth be told we are sometimes overwhelmed (I know I am!) by the shifts and adaptations that are needed to welcome new life.

I pray for a spirit of collaboration and laughter and wonder and gratitude and patience.

Life means change and change means life.  The vision that drives our willingness to change is crucial.  Do we want full-voiced worship life?   Oh yes we do!  Are we courageous enough to wade into the adaptations that must take place in order for this new organ to thrive?  We are.

Can we listen?  That’s the crucial question.  Can we listen to each other, to the Spirit, and to the heartbeat of God whilst we prepare for new life?

There is new life singing through this Body.  Your prayers for our organ transplant are most welcome.

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