rolled r country

I write from Edinburgh, Scotland. 

A group of 31 pilgrims from Minnesota launched on a great adventure October 1st.  Trusting that there was soul food to be found in deliberately choosing to immerse ourselves in Celtic wisdom and stillness, we set out.

And we are here!  This is the second stop on our journey.  We have encountered rain, castles, kindreds, belly busting laughter, and the Holy at each step.

It feels like coming home.  Travelling to Lindisfarne, England, to worship and take in a place where people have gathered since the mid 600’s to create community in order to immerse themselves in God, the power of place has been elemental.  There is a soul knowing that kin are not of blood only, but of heart and desire.

The crew from RUMC are a gloried lot.  We are behaving (mostly) and so many times a day I pray blessing on our church community, our promise, and our call.

Making church together is a Holy pilgrimage.  We do Body building in the mundane and the exquisite, and whilst this Wednesday night I may be eating Haggis, I am aware that across the miles there are folks sitting down to a meal and classes and choir and bell rehearsals and we do this weaving of life together because we are called as those have been called through the ages:  we want to worship the God of  life and love. 

And we know that fellow soul travellers on the journey make all the difference.

3 thoughts on “rolled r country

  1. So glad that the group is behaving (mostly). I pray for each of you from RUMC, for safe travels, powerful experiences and new things to ponder, learn and grow from.. Especially … for many belly laughs! 🙂 The fall colors of northern MN were just beautiful, the wonder of God’s creation is immense. Safe travels and see you back here soon. Jan

  2. You are on a sacred journey, into thin spaces where laughter, joy and profound spirituality merge — as they are to do in all of life. Delve into it without hesitation or resistance. Be all of you in the Presence of God and community. Life is the journeys we risk. Blessings, blessings. Return w/holy.

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