in gathering

I have yet to serve a congregation that gets summer sloggy.  I hear from people that summer means slow-down, but not for me and the world of church.

We’re turning a corner tomorrow.  It’s Rally Sunday, the day when we welcome back the dispersed:  the cabin folk, the choir, the Sunday School teachers, the happy re-gathered  who make for the buzz of chaos and new. 

I love it.

In a world that has jettisoned ritual in ways that wound, we are marking new beginnings. 

At such times I marvel at the thing called “church”.  We come together, diverse of politic, age, longings, and passions, and we stop the scramble of life for a time to place ourselves in the melting pot that is worship of God.  We see welcome on faces and allow ourselves to know the good of being one of many dedicated to a vision larger than our lives.

On this Rally Sunday eve I am full of thanks for the Body that is church.  Tired as I am of all the muck throwing and fear stirring of these days, I’m blessed to throw in my lot with the hope filled, heart warmed, clutsy and beautiful followers of the message of love.

And there is popcorn, to boot!

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