Spring song

Is it just me, or does Spring springing early make it more intense?

Outside my office window the crab apple trees are ready to pop – in mid April!  Scootering down the road my nose encounters blooming trees and back yard barbeques.  The sun feels like blessing, sinking into those light-starved places in my soul that have learned to hibernate during the winter.

All things are possible!

The church is stirring with new life.  My eldest daughter just organized her first (of many, I am sure) major fundraising event in Denver.  My middle daughter is coordinating an eco learning event in the metro due to roll out this Saturday.  My son is playing tennis and zooming through the whee of these days, my guy is shorts wearing and deep breathing and I am almost jangled to confusion by gratitude.

Life is sweet, and good and pregnant with promise. 

All things are possible.

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