Amazing; truly and wildly amazing.

The sanctuary of the church was literally packed to the rafters on Easter Sunday.  We had two services lush with brass and organ, children’s song and good news and we rolled in hope like joy crazed dogs.

If you have ever wondered if it really matters that you show up at church, stop wondering.  It matters.  It matters that hundreds of people rolled out of bed on Sunday morning and listened to the need of their souls to be in community where hope spoke:  Children in their Easter finery, elders willing to brave chaos to be present in their church, college students and youth group grads reconnecting with their church kin, pastor moms (that would be me) almost levitating with the joy of having their babies present to lend their brass-playing beauty to the mix.  It was a lot to take in.  I’m still digesting!

What I am left with is such gratitude.  The church showed up, witnessed, imagined, and made claim on gospel promises. 

With the Christ, we are risen. 

We are risen indeed!

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