I met Leah 25 years ago today.

In a hospital room in Stevens Point, WI I learned what wonder was. 

Wonder was struggling out of the fog of an emergency Cesarian section and being fearful about asking after the health of the child who had been constant companion for ten months and being answered by the handing into my arms a bundle capped by blond fluff and eyes bespeaking a soul old and fine.  Her eyes found mine  and there was an “of course” as we took each other in, as if to say we had been destined to learn love and life one from the other.  Of course.  Of course.


She is far from my arms on this day, making and learning her life.  It aches, this not holding her on this day of remembering and celebrating.

But the world holds her.  She is, and she is so fine, and of course she will venture and learn and explore while her mother marks the day remembering.  Remembering the communion of soul-meet.  Remembering the advent of wonder.

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