It is awful.

I love the graciousness of my house.  It has stained glass windows and rooms meant for entertaining and woodwork and it has… no central air conditioning.

It is 95 out in Minneapolis.  Humidity is at about a bizzillion.  Yesterday was the same.  On such a day it is hard to summon the energy to think a coherent thought, let alone stir bodies that simply want to sleep through the agony of it all except sleeping in such heat is impossible so what is a person to do?

I walked a three mile path around Lake Harriet yesterday during the worst of it.  My man was swimming the buoys at said lake and I knew that if I didn’t move I would be scraped off the walls or floors so I set out.  There were other crazy people out, too.  And really, about half way around as I was finding how truly effective the body’s coolant system is (read there was sweat streaming EVERYWHERE) I started to laugh.  What else was there?  I waded into the lake after my walk and laughed again.  The cool water I sought to refresh my hot toes?  Not there.  Even the water of a MN lake in early summer had given up semblance of cool.

Driving around in cars is respite.  Going to movies works.  Libraries are our friend.  Coffee shops work too. 

I’m so happy to be at work.  It is cool here.  The space under my desk seems near large enough to stretch out and sleep.  It is feeling tempting…..

3 thoughts on “swelter

    • don’t I know it – we went camping over the fourth at Judge Magney north of Grand Marais. It was high 30’s at night! And, being immersed in the smell and feel of the northland was bliss (mostly. Except when we ran out of firewood).

  1. i’m glad to hear you are still a hardy northlander at heart! that is some pretty brutal weather for july!

    dave and i still remember an day from our dating days when it was, i think, in the 90s during an august hot spell. neither of us had a/c, and i was living in a second-floor apartment in west duluth that was especially uncomfortable.

    we spent the day thinking of cool places to go: a movie theater (dave fell asleep during a dumb movie with antonio banderas and angelina jolie), restaurants, and kingsley creek by the zoo. we brought the dog to cool off in a bend of the creek, with nice rocks for us to sit on.

    that was the moment when dave began to win my dog over, too. she looked at him so adoringly, i couldn’t keep from laughing! 😉

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