techno humility

I bought a toy that is smarter than I am.

Wanting to be able to carry my calendar and phone and email with me in one easy package I bought a Blackberry Storm.  I was excited about this purchase, and had thought about it a good long time.

My son’s response to the news?  “That’s great mom!  Good for you!  I am SO glad I’m not at home.”

Why, you might ask, is my son delighted to be away from me during this time of building relationship with new technology?

I am a techno lover and techno dunce, both.  It is a most annoying combination, particularily for those who know things and begin to want to run when they see me coming.

I can picture it.  How cool it will all be, my whipping out of my small worker  of wonders.  What I didn’t imagine was that I would have to learn how to use it, and that the learning would be tedious and frustrating and that I would want my son who knows these things instinctually to be at my side, patiently and gently coaxing light into my befuddled brain.  The way I liken it to him was it took HOURS and DAYS for him to learn how to ride his bike or tie his shoes.  And who was the patient guide into the thrill of the new?  Me, his mother.  But somehow, that logic has no charm for him.

So.  Here I am.  All geared up with nowhere to go.  Trying not to beg those who know things for mercy.  If you know how to work these things and can bear dunderheads, I am your humble student.  Or, I can wait to really cruise with my new toy until Jamie comes home from college.  He doesn’t have to know what I don’t know. 

I’m worried that if I confess, he won’t come home.

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