Having three months to pay attention is a powerful thing. 

A thrashing about with time is one of the things I have discovered.

I will never have enough time to learn all the things I want to learn.  Books continue to taunt me with the worlds they offer and no matter how fast I slurp them up, there are more.

I will never have enough time to perfectly tend the many relationships in my life:  children, partner, friends, church community, colleagues, a world to which I am intimately connected.  I will never have enough time to do the work of loving perfectly.

I will never have enough time to fully feel the kiss of sun on my skin or the dance of wind in my hair or the smell of wood smoke in the air or the song of star in the night sky or the touch of my beloved.  There are tastes I will never encounter, soul wisdom I will never take into my being.

I will never have enough time.

But I have this time.  Time to watch the movement of wind and sun on the big Superior lake.  Time to read and time to be still.  Time to know that being a finite woman in the playground of the infinite is wonder;  wonder enough.

There is time for that.  This time.

1 thought on “time

  1. Fun to read about your journey, thanks for sharing and carrying on with the wordsmithing which is engrained in the family bones in some strange fashion. Which gene is it I wonder. Finding wonder and meaning in nature and individuals is surely a better way to appreciate the tip of Gods grace for all of us. Keep on expresssing, do not be silent woman/sister.

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