On this morning’s beach walk my Minnesota heart knew these things:

Seagulls here have wild and crazy hair-dos.

My feet are happiest bare naked.

Watching a big billed pelican swoop in and dine in the company of a seagull hoping to share the action made for great reflections on the principles of economics.

Wandering without agenda or time crunch stretches the heart.

God has a great sense of creativity.  I met bodies of all kinds – lumpy and lean and old and young and held proudly and schlumped.  We were all there taking in creation’s show.

People in paradise greet each other.  It was good to be happy in the company of others who look up, see another and make connection.

Missing my church community is real on this day when for years I have looked into the eyes of kin in faith and rehearsed with them what we all know:  we will die someday and be enfolded into the mystery of ongoing life.  Ash Wednesday is a rich time of marking the presence of the Holy within and around us.  I will worship tonight in a new place where I will not lead.  I will be among the marked.  I will take my place in the procession and know blessing and within me I will carry the faces and presence of the community of the faithfilled at RUMC.

I am full.  I am wind blown.  I am sun kissed and space filled and alive.

2 thoughts on “Sightings

  1. Just finished my walk on the beach, with my best friend. The whales are jumping mightly in the sea. I think of you on this Ash Wednesday and all it has to ponder. I am glad to hear that you are well. We have attended worship on the beach and sung some hymns in Hawaiian language. Take care and soak in all that is new. peace.

    • Jan – I can’t read the whole thing because this computer won’t cooperate, but I love the peace I sense in your words. Best friends are gift. Mine arrives tomorrow. Soak in the beauty and the good. I went to worship tonight at a big UMC church here and it HURT to not be at home with our people. Their choir wasn’t half as good as ours, and I missed the mighty sense of Spirit I feel at RUMC. Blessings, good woman

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