The Courage to Rest

A good woman I know gave me a card that says “Change, of any sort, requires courage.” (Maryanne Radmacher)

I am embracing change for the three months to come.  I will be on renewal leave.  I will depart this church, the hub of much of my energy and focus these six years past, and I will embark upon a wild adventure:  I will discover what pleases me.   I will cease my busy dash through the days and I will discover the wide open spaces of time and options and the radical wonder of being idle for a time.

The stack of books I intend to read is towering.  The writing I imagine doing beguiling.  The people I am hungry to connect with numerous.

But what I need more than all of the above is the courage it will take for me to rest.  To be.  To allow silence and solace to hold me and gentle me.

That kind of courage I seek to make my own in the months to come.  The courage to rest.

2 thoughts on “The Courage to Rest

  1. I love the concept of “courage to rest” … I will take that one to heart for myself and truly hope that you can do so also!

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